Ready to Receive (R to R)

If you have never felt Love before, True Love for yourself, from which all love originates, how will you know when you feel it?

Self-love practices are the key to creating a beautiful life. If you don’t believe that you are worthy of good things- Abundance, Wild passionate romance, Deep, lasting friendships, Complete freedom and bliss- then you will never be able to receive them when the universe does send them your way. You will simply be vibrating at such a different energetic level or frequency that you won’t have a way to comprehend or accept them.

So how do we prepare our minds to accept them?

We need to consciously observe and shift our mindset, core beliefs, and our thought patterns and habits. When you shift your beliefs (and as a result, raise your energetic vibration, these things flow into your life with ease.

We also need to be open, receptive, ready to receive.

One gauge to determine where you’re at with self-love and mindset is to observe your body’s automatic reaction to some very simple affirmations 🌷 (it’s not about saying these things, it’s about FEELING the truth of them)

Example:. Tell yourself these things and see how you feel (in your heart, mind, and body) I am beautiful, I am powerful, I smart, I am fun, I am lovable, I am magnetic, I am successful, I am celebrated, I am enough, people love taking care of me, people are lucky to be my friends, colleagues, family, etc.

Saying these things used to seem silly and (honestly) untrue. I don’t like making things up, so I felt as if I was being fake. It took much inner work and self-love to come to a point where I could look deep into my own eye and say “I Love You,” feel it resonate in my body, and know I actually meant it!

So what are you waiting for- Let’s get Lovin’!- Let me know how it goes! ❤ 

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Published by Kelly Jett Gawaran- K Tantra

I am a Tantra Counselor and Intuitive Healer in San Diego, California, who helps spiritual and sensitive women go into the deepest layers of their healing so they can live without anxiety and pain. Although I am a Tantrika and Reiki practitioner, one-on-one sessions with me are so much more. It is my belief that we actually don’t need to be fixed, only to remember who we are. So, it’s more of an opening to the wisdom of the universe to tell me what each person needs to remember their divine nature. Some examples I may use during client sessions include: shamanic timeline work, or trapped emotions removal, certain codes or symbols, an upgrade, breathwork, a certain meditation (which is usually extemporaneous), reiki/energy shifting, toning on the chakras. or maybe some tantric movement or sound. It's all in what each soul is asking for, I just hear the message and help guide them to their own wisdom. My absolute favorite is when someone starts to feel and realize their own magic and divine nature! 🥰

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