Even Goddesses can become addicted: Breaking the cycle

With COVID and the whole lockdown, I have found things to replace socializing, and these things aren’t always good for me. Although they FEEL good in the short term. It’s SO SO hard to tell your brain that being quiet and meditating is better for you than shiny objects and instant gratification.

First it was Wine, then it was Netflix/Hulu/True Crime Documentaries. And now, it is an online card game (Magic the Gathering for those who may be into these things.)

I know you feel me- If it’s not TV or Gaming, there is something you are using to distract you from Growing, from following your Path. These things keep our mind turning and turning like a hamster on a wheel.

So I meditated and asked the universe how to help me break free from this addiction cycle, and then listened. This is what I got:

  1. Pick the thing you spend most of your free time on (Or the habit you feel is not helping you grow/expand/etc.)
  2. Ask yourself: What is this bringing into my life? -for me they were mostly negative- A sore back, disconnection from my family, adrenaline rush (when I win!), bragging rights (to who?) and a non-attainable goal.
  3. What would I be able to accomplish without this habit? -again for me: more meditation, yoga, writing, clean out the “room of no return”, give more value and time to my clients, design a new boudoir set for the studio, take walks, connect more with my family, be more present,

    After I went through this process, it wasn’t the logic or comparison that struck me, it was just the AWARENESS. Just by becoming Aware of these things and asking myself these questions, I found motivation in the moment to chose the activities that were in my higher interest. That’s not to say I won’t allow myself the joy of playing a game now and then, I just won’t be constantly absorbed by activities that don’t serve my highest and best interest.

    Now I see so much more time and especially Freedom to send more love out into the world, and to dedicate to my Actual priorities- family, self-care, my business.

    Does this resonate with anyone? Did the questions help bring you any clarity?
    💖✨Sending love and light. -Kelly

Published by Kelly Jett Gawaran- K Tantra

I am a Tantra Counselor and Intuitive Healer in San Diego, California, who helps spiritual and sensitive women go into the deepest layers of their healing so they can live without anxiety and pain. Although I am a Tantrika and Reiki practitioner, one-on-one sessions with me are so much more. It is my belief that we actually don’t need to be fixed, only to remember who we are. So, it’s more of an opening to the wisdom of the universe to tell me what each person needs to remember their divine nature. Some examples I may use during client sessions include: shamanic timeline work, or trapped emotions removal, certain codes or symbols, an upgrade, breathwork, a certain meditation (which is usually extemporaneous), reiki/energy shifting, toning on the chakras. or maybe some tantric movement or sound. It's all in what each soul is asking for, I just hear the message and help guide them to their own wisdom. My absolute favorite is when someone starts to feel and realize their own magic and divine nature! 🥰

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