The Path to True, Wild, Uninhibited Happiness

Photo by: Kelsey Orcutt Why do we seek happiness?What is there inside of us that yearns for this particular feeling? Why is it important? Would it surprise you to know that your Natural state, without anything in the way, is actually happiness and bliss? So then, you have to ask, if you are feeling sadness,Continue reading “The Path to True, Wild, Uninhibited Happiness”

Pulling yourself out of the darkness

Back in April 2020, I had COVID, and everything hit me all at once on my 40th birthday. I sat in the bath alone that morning and just cried- for what reason I wasn’t sure. It was getting harder and harder to just smile at my husband (who I was quarantined with) and pretend everythingContinue reading “Pulling yourself out of the darkness”