A Journey into Self-Trust (and chilling with a jaguar.)

Her eyes slowly opened and her gaze was soft, still coming back to presence. We both sat with our legs crossed facing each other on the Thai mat. Outside, the cold wind pressed against the windows, but inside, the room was warm and still. I waited for her to meet my gaze, and we laughed together as a burst of energy she had been holding in let go. I wanted to hear the details of her journey, but I waited for her to be ready and fully back in the room.

When she was ready, she spoke of the jungle she saw in her mind, the journey to a lush and wild place where a jaguar (her spirit animal) had come to her and they basically chilled for a bit until another animal showed up. A guide- this time an eagle.

The eagle gave her tasks to complete, mostly physical, and would help her in the beginning and then let her go. She would look back as if to ask for help, and the eagle would tell her to trust herself. Several times the eagle would assist her and then basically let her go, giving her the message to trust her own strength, her own efforts.

My client felt this surge of confidence after this journey and the eagle’s message. This client is on a healing path, and currently about to take a huge step to move across the country. The question I gave her to ask at the beginning of her journey was this: “What do I need to know right now for my highest good and wellbeing?” The message she received was from a very powerful source indeed.

The eagle is mankind’s connection to the divine because it flies higher than any other bird. Eagle conveys the powers and messages of the spirit; it not only signals a new beginning, but provides that person with the stamina and resilience to endure the difficulties. If eagle has appeared, it bestows freedom and courage to look ahead. And, in this case, a message of self-trust.

In what areas of your life can you use eagle energy? Where can you connect to this courage and stretch your limits to take flight?

Eagle as a message of self-trust and courage
Photo by Elisa Stone on Unsplash

Find yourself being called to a healing path? I help sensitive and spiritual women go into their deepest layers of healing so they can live without anxiety and pain. This is a calling for me, so I would love to connect and shift some energy for you without any obligations. Click here to book a free 30-minute community support call with me. https://calendly.com/kellyjett/30min

(Jaguar Photo by Dušan veverkolog)

Published by Kelly Jett Gawaran- K Tantra

I am a Tantra Counselor and Intuitive Healer in San Diego, California, who helps spiritual and sensitive women go into the deepest layers of their healing so they can live without anxiety and pain. Although I am a Tantrika and Reiki practitioner, one-on-one sessions with me are so much more. It is my belief that we actually don’t need to be fixed, only to remember who we are. So, it’s more of an opening to the wisdom of the universe to tell me what each person needs to remember their divine nature. Some examples I may use during client sessions include: shamanic timeline work, or trapped emotions removal, certain codes or symbols, an upgrade, breathwork, a certain meditation (which is usually extemporaneous), reiki/energy shifting, toning on the chakras. or maybe some tantric movement or sound. It's all in what each soul is asking for, I just hear the message and help guide them to their own wisdom. My absolute favorite is when someone starts to feel and realize their own magic and divine nature! 🥰

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