A Journey into Self-Trust (and chilling with a jaguar.)

Her eyes slowly opened and her gaze was soft, still coming back to presence. We both sat with our legs crossed facing each other on the Thai mat. Outside, the cold wind pressed against the windows, but inside, the room was warm and still. I waited for her to meet my gaze, and we laughedContinue reading “A Journey into Self-Trust (and chilling with a jaguar.)”

A Lesson that Literally screamed at me

We’ve all been there. You are in a group, participating in a guided tantra meditation, just about to drop in, listening to your body, breathing when they say breathe. Hopefully still breathing even when they don’t… and you suddenly find yourself right next to the loudest participant in the room- perhaps louder than you evenContinue reading “A Lesson that Literally screamed at me”