A Journey into Self-Trust (and chilling with a jaguar.)

Her eyes slowly opened and her gaze was soft, still coming back to presence. We both sat with our legs crossed facing each other on the Thai mat. Outside, the cold wind pressed against the windows, but inside, the room was warm and still. I waited for her to meet my gaze, and we laughedContinue reading “A Journey into Self-Trust (and chilling with a jaguar.)”

What is an unspiritual “Relapse?” Or a foray into materialism…

As healers and seekers, we should be in a constant state of bliss and growth, always forward, right? WRONG, lol! I definitely had that misconception the first time I made a giant breakthrough of awareness. How is it that we can go through cycles of Awakening, expansion, motivated to do anything and everything for ourContinue reading “What is an unspiritual “Relapse?” Or a foray into materialism…”

A Lesson that Literally screamed at me

We’ve all been there. You are in a group, participating in a guided tantra meditation, just about to drop in, listening to your body, breathing when they say breathe. Hopefully still breathing even when they don’t… and you suddenly find yourself right next to the loudest participant in the room- perhaps louder than you evenContinue reading “A Lesson that Literally screamed at me”

A little more about Me

I haven’t introduced myself on here for a while so I thought I’d do that again. A big warm hello to all of you blog readers and wonderful humans out there! My name is Kelly and I’m the woman behind Goddess Rising Reiki & Boudoir in San Diego, California. When I was 35, I had myContinue reading “A little more about Me”

Pulling yourself out of the darkness

Back in April 2020, I had COVID, and everything hit me all at once on my 40th birthday. I sat in the bath alone that morning and just cried- for what reason I wasn’t sure. It was getting harder and harder to just smile at my husband (who I was quarantined with) and pretend everythingContinue reading “Pulling yourself out of the darkness”

Even Goddesses can become addicted: Breaking the cycle

With COVID and the whole lockdown, I have found things to replace socializing, and these things aren’t always good for me. Although they FEEL good in the short term. It’s SO SO hard to tell your brain that being quiet and meditating is better for you than shiny objects and instant gratification. First it wasContinue reading “Even Goddesses can become addicted: Breaking the cycle”